guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair with a touchscreen controller and phone holder, showcasing its advanced massage features and ergonomic design.
Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair with blue LED lighting featuring touchscreen controller, voice command, and full-body massage capabilities.
Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair with touchscreen controller, voice control, and advanced massage features on a white background.
Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair with black leather, remote control, touchscreen, voice command, zero gravity recline, and full-body compression features.
Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair with four pockets, touchscreen controller, and voice control, designed for personalized full-body massage.
Close-up of the Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair, highlighting its advanced features like the touchscreen controller and luxurious 4D massage mechanism.
Close-up of the Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair featuring an advanced touchscreen controller and intuitive voice command functionality for personalized massage experiences.
Close-up of the Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair showcasing its sleek design, touchscreen controller, and advanced 4D massage mechanism.
Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair featuring a reclining design with a touchscreen controller and side device for personalized massages.
Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair featuring a reclining design with a touch screen controller and integrated screen for a personalized massage experience.

Titan TP-Epic 4D Massage Chair

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The TP-Epic 4D chair contains several luxurious features, such as intuitive voice control, a touch screen controller, and a 4D massage mechanism to enhance your massage. Furthermore, the Epic chair empowers you to create your own personalized features. The Epic delivers a personally tailored massage for you every time you sit in it.
  • 4D Massage Mechanism
  • Attentive Body Scan
  • SL-Track
  • 36 Air Cell Full Body Compression
  • 3 Stage Zero Gravity
  • Space Saving Technology
  • Lumbar Heat Therapy
  • 12 Auto Programs with 6 Massage Styles
  • Calf & Foot Rollers
  • Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers
  • USB Charger & Remote Holder
Intuitive Voice Control
Epic’s convenient voice command feature allows for easy control of the chair without use of buttons or a touch screen. Simply give a command and the chair will respond accordingly, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. All commands can be found inside the manual.
Intuitive Voice Control
Touchscreen Controller
The TP-Epic 4D chair's remote control is now equipped with a touchscreen interface for effortless navigation and adjustment of settings. The massage chair offers 12 automatic massage modes and 6 manual massage styles.
Touchscreen Controller
Deep Lumbar Air
One of the most overlooked portions of modern massages is in the Lumbar. The Epic pays close attention to your back with its proven Lumbar Function.
Deep Calf Air
Breakthrough 4D Massage
Introducing the newest and most sophisticated massage system that focuses on the neck and shoulder region. This advanced deep tissue technology provides a unique massage that will rejuvenate your body!
Breakthrough 4D Massage
Attentive Body Scan
The TP-Epic 4D chair will start a body scan every time the chair is on. This body scan ensures that the massage will be exclusive to you.
Attentive Body Scan
By utilizing a scientifically-designed SL-Track, the massage chair rollers can travel seamlessly from the top of your neck down to the bottom of your hamstrings, providing a comprehensive and holistic massage experience. The SL-Track is also capable of spot or partial massage where it focuses on an area of particular stiffness.

Zero Gravity Reclining
The Zero-Gravity Reclining increases blood circulation throughout the body by dispersing gravitational forces. The Epic’s Zero Gravity Reclining technology is based on NASA’s relaxation theory.

Space Saving Design
The Epic chair's design only needs 6 inches from the wall for full recline, fitting into tight spaces without losing functionality.
Zero Gravity Reclining
36 Cell Full Body Air Massage
The TP-Epic 4D chair integrates 36 air cells throughout the entire chair to expel body strain. The chair endeavors to provide impeccable compression therapy with every massage.
36 Cell Full Body Air Massage
Dual Heating Zones
Relax and release stress with the TP-Epic 4D heating system. The heating uses dual infrared heating coils to effectively warm and soothe tension along the lower back.
Dual Heating Zones
Foot and Calf Massage
The Epic features a crucial foot and calf massage function. It includes two rollers dedicated to massaging each foot and one roller for the calf. These rollers ensure an exhaustive and satisfying massage experience.
Foot and Calf Massage
Ultra Long Extension
The Epic chair is created with all users in consideration. It is designed to suit individuals with varying body types and heights, featuring an automatic Extendable Footrest that can extend up to 8.5 inches for maximum comfort.
Ultra Long Extension
Quick Access Panel
1. On/Off
2. Light Switch
3. Heating
4. Auto Mode
5. Backrest Up / BackrestDown
6. Leg extend / Leg retract
7. Air massage
8. Zero-G
Quick Access Panel
Wireless Charge
USB Charging Port
Bluetooth Speakers
Enjoy listening to your preferred music, podcasts, or soothing sounds via Epic’s crystal-clear, high-fidelity, and surround sound Bluetooth speakers.
Bluetooth Speakers
LED Lighting Detail
Savor your massage with the perfect lighting. Now you can turn off all the lights and truly focus on your massage in the TP-Epic 4D.
LED Lighting Detail

Other Features

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