guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair, featuring an ergonomic design, armrests, and customizable controls for a personalized full-body massage experience.
Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair with black leather cushions, featuring advanced 4D massage, body scanning, SL-track, and zero gravity functions.
Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair with customizable controls, 12 massage modes, 4D mechanism, extendable footrest, and zero gravity feature for ultimate relaxation.
Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair with stand, featuring customizable controls, extendable footrest, calf massager, and 4D massage mechanism.
Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair with customizable massage modes, extendable footrest, and touch screen controller for personalized relaxation.
Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair showcasing ergonomic design and adjustable features, including a touch screen controller and extendable footrest for a customized massage experience.
Close-up of the Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair's built-in surround sound Bluetooth speaker.
Close-up of the Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair, showcasing its sleek leather design and touch screen controller for customizable massage settings.
Touchscreen controller on the Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair, highlighting advanced features like 4D massage and customizable settings for personalized comfort.

Titan Premium Fleetwood II Massage Chair

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Experience true luxury in the all new Titan Premium Fleetwood II; this innovative massage chair gives the user customizable control like never before. Personalize your massage with an automatic extendable footrest, extendable calf massager, 12 distinct massage modes, 6 massage styles, specialized foot massager, and a sweeping 4D massage. It’s your massage, and you’ll have complete control over it with the Fleetwood II.
  • 4D Massage Mechanism
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Computerized Body Scanning
  • SL-Track
  • 70 Air Cell Full Body Compression
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Space Saving Technology
  • 12 Auto Programs & 6 Massage Styles
  • Shortcut Panel
  • Lumbar and Calf Heating
  • Auto & Manual Extendable Calf
  • Auto / Manual Extendable Footrest
  • Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers


4D Massage Mechanism

Enjoy the pinnacle of comfort via the Fleetwood II’s 4D massage. This comprehensive device massages with human-like accuracy, from your neck and shoulders to your lumbar and glutes. Additionally, you may adjust the width of your massage to perfectly match your body’s contour. Finally, enjoy six degrees of intensity through an adaptive response mechanism.


Body Scan System

Before your massage begins, the Fleetwood II will quickly and automatically measure important aspects and dimensions of your body in order to provide a perfectly individualized massage every time.


SL-Track Frame Structure

The Fleetwood II incorporates an unprecedented SL-track massage system for the maximum comfort. By matching the natural curvature of the human body and extending underneath the seat, the 4D massage rollers are able to be more thoroughgoing than ever before.


Full Body Air Massage

Located in five distinct regions of the chair, the Fleetwood II’s unrivaled 74 cell air compression massage allows for total relaxation across parts of the body often overlooked by other massage chairs.


Zero Gravity Position

Experience the closest thing to weightlessness on earth through the Fleetwood II’s zero gravity reclining function. By resting the body’s weight at a specific angle, feel gravity’s hold on you magically disappear.


Space Saving Recline

By simultaneously sliding the chair forward while reclining backwards, Titan has developed a whisper-quiet chair that requires only seven inches from the nearest wall to achieve a full recline.



Armrest Shortcut Panel

Through the use of a handy shortcut panel, you may access a number of common features available on the Fleetwood II. Manage your recline, heat therapy, massage timer, auto programs, and power hassle-free through the click of a button.

Heating On Back & Calf

Feel the tension in your lumbar and calves disappear as you activate the Fleetwood II’s heat therapy functions. Available along your back and legs, this calming experience helps to promote healthy blood circulation while soothing your nerves.

Touch Screen Controller

Fleetwood II’s remote is now a touchscreen controller for easy navigation and enables control over even the small aspects of your massage. Its easy-pivot mount allows you to position it perfectly at any angle.

Specialized Footrest Massage

The Fleetwood II provides a foot massage incomparable to anything else on the market. By rolling & scraping the sole of your foot and applying pressure via the air massage, it’s almost like having your own personalized pedicure at home.

Auto / Manual Extendable Footrest

At the start of your massage, the Fleetwood II will scan your body and automatically extend the footrest to a comfortable length for your specific stature. This easily and conveniently accommodates the massage experience for any user.

Auto / Manual Adjustable Calf

In line with the Fleetwood II’s personalized and innovative manner, Titan has included an adjustable calf massager. This revolutionary inclusion allows all users to specifically target problem areas along the calf rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Easy Reach USB Charger

With the Titan Fleetwood II, you never have to worry about your mobile device being out of reach. Through the use of a conveniently placed USB charging port and a leather phone pocket, you can keep the world at your fingertips and relax at the same time.

Surround Sound Bluetooth Speakers

Listen to your favorite podcasts, music, or relaxing sounds through the Fleetwood II’s dual surround sound speakers. Connect your mobile device via bluetooth to completely personalize your massage experience.
Titan 4D Fleetwood LE Dimension

Other Features

Free Shipping. White Glove Delivery available for $250

Warranty Information

Warranty:5 Year (3 Years Full Service & Additional 2 Years Parts)


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