guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

A black massage chair featuring buttons, designed for foot reflexology and deep tissue massage, titled Medical Breakthrough's Podiatrist Version 2.0.
Medical Breakthrough's Podiatrist Version 2.0 - a black foot massager designed for advanced reflexology and therapeutic heat treatment.
Diagram of Medical Breakthrough's Podiatrist Version 2.0, showcasing foot reflexology therapy, 3D rollers, and heat treatment features.

Medical Breakthrough's Podiatrist Version 2.0

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We worked with several foot doctors to engineer our Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist, a system designed to help heal your feet.

What this will do is perform reflexology therapy massages over nearly every inch of your foot, something that most other foot massagers can't do.

Trigger Points Massage System

Damage to our feet is inevitable and a result of everyday use. A lot of products are manufactured to help relieve pain from years of damage done to our feet from simply walking, but most fall short of the mark. Medical Breakthroughs Podiatrist is designed to target the most important parts of your feet with our complex 3D Roller system. by hitting the trigger points you use on a daily basis our system helps heal the foot where its needed most.

Angled Foot System

The Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist was designed with your convenience in mind so it can be used it anywhere. Whether you are sitting at your desk while working at a computer, or you are just relaxing in your favorite chair, you can tilt the angle of the Medical Breakthrough's Podiatrist to fit your specific seating needs. This means that no matter where you choose to get a foot massage, you will be comfortable as you get a fantastic foot massage.

Heat Treatment

When it comes to massage treatment and maximizing benefits to the fullest, nothing works better than heat and massage combined. With the Heat Treatment setting, our Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist can give a therapeutic massage that's both soothing and beneficial.

Cloud Intensity

The Cloud Intesity airbags in the Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist is the most used personalized setting in a foot massager. Most foot massagers only give you a simple all-in-one setting that provides 1 form of intensity. With Cloud Intensity, we've provided a more personalized massage with 3 different intensities to match the exact service that you need.

3D Deep Tissue Sole Rollers

The 3D Sole Rollers on the Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist outperform the competition by far. The sole rollers are an integral part of the massage process. A lot of us stand on our feet all day, or most of the day, so we need some way to relieve the pain that has built up in our feet. The 3D sole rollers are the perfect way to fight the pain and get you ready for your new day or relaxed at night.

Blood Flow Stimulation

There are numberous benefits to getting a foot massage, and our Podiatrist provides all of them based on decades of research; however, off all of the benefits provided, the most important is getting your blood flowing through your muscles and body to keep you healthy and active. The Blood Flow Stimulation on the Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist will work your muscles and get the blood flowing through them to keep them healthy and ready so that you can enjoy the activities you love.

Swedish Foot Massage

The Swedish Foot Massage setting gives you the worlds most popular massage, in a foot massager. Most foot massagers are not created by doctors, but the Medical Breakthrough Podiatrist was. We've perfectly integrated the Swedish Massage into our Podiatrist, and it will amaze you.

Auto Healing

The Auto Healing function on our Podiatrist is a full service foot massage system that will combine all of the beneficial features and funtions to leave you completely in awe. The sole rollers and the cloud airbags won't disappoint and you will receive the full foot massage experience that you deserve.

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