guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair with advanced features, including humongous shoulder massagers, foot reflexology system, zero gravity sleep system, and adjustable leg extensions.
Black Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair with reclining feature and advanced massagers for full-body pain relief and relaxation. Ideal for home wellness.
Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair in a serene room, featuring advanced massage technology and ergonomic design for full-body relaxation and pain relief.

Medical Breakthrough 6 Massage Chair

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Fix your posture, reduce the pain throughout your body and fall asleep faster with the Medical Breakthrough 6™ massage chair. Created and designed by chiropractors with over 36 years of experience who were tiered of waiting for the perfect massage chair to recommend to their clients. Chiropractors who were so passionate in helping their patients with pain spent 14 years perfecting and revising the Medical Breakthrough series with the goal to heal your body at the comfort of your own home. Get a Medical Breakthrough Massage chair today and it will be like have your own personal chiropractor in the comfort of your own home. Improve your physical and mental wellbeing at your convenience.

World Famous Hip Twist™
A unique hip stretching feature most massage chairs do not offer. According to doctors, coaches and athletes stretching is extremely important and is recommended on a daily basis in order to relieve pain, improve energy and balance, as well as to prevent future injury.

Humongous Shoulder Massagers
The only way to name one of the largest shoulder massagers available on the market. Most massage chairs don't target the shoulders, and the ones that do have tiny airbags that you can hardly feel. After talking to hundreds of customers a day and hearing constant complaints of how other shoulder massage chairs just don't do the job, Medical Breakthrough has created an innovatively humongous shoulder massager to finally relieve all of those neglected sore shoulders.

Intense Heat Therapy™
Leather massage chairs are extremely difficult to heat up. After more than a year of development Medical Breakthrough was able to create an innovative heat therapy keeping you warm even on the coldest days. Heating your muscles releases tensed up, tightly knotted and sore muscles. Heat will also increase the blood flow to the area being targeted and decreasing inflammation. A must have feature especially for those suffering from chronic pain. 

Custom Forming Sole Rollers™ and Foot Reflexology Massage System™
There is nothing better then a foot massage. Medical breakthrough has created one of the most thorough foot reflexology massages that covers every inch of your foot. Medical Breakthroughs technology contains 3 foot rollers and uses multiple techniques to cover the entire foot from heel to toes. This massage system also contains over 20 massaging airbags that massages your legs, calf's, as well as top and bottom of  your feet. A sensational relief that you will feel washing over your entire body.

Call a friend hands-free while enjoying your massage. Play your favorite podcast, audiobook, or your favorite genre of music.  Allowing yourself to fully relax while enjoying your favorite tunes.

Zero Gravity Sleep System™
The first zero-gravity system made to help you fall asleep. Once in position with the help of the inflatable airbags, the massage chair assists you in finding the optimal position to maximize your comfort. Then, a soothing and therapeutic massage is performed to help you drift off to sleep. 

Full Body Scan - Smart Full Body Medical Scan™
Highly advanced Smart Medical Scan™ technology will detect every part of your body, and deliver a targeted, soothing massage. Designed to be versatile to accommodate everyone's preferred type of massage. All Medical Breakthrough massage chairs can also be adjusted manually as well to ensure your personal preferences are met. You can also adjust the vertical position of the rollers from your neck all the way down to your lower back.

Head to Toe Back Massage System™
Medically the most important side of the body to massage in the back. As you can see in the image to the left all of the most important pain points are mapped out and is why these massage chairs have taken 14 years to perfect. Ensuring each one of those pain points are targeted and massaged to reduce your pain and give them the much needed attention your body needed. 

4D Massage - True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System™
This 4D massage systems performs extreme deep tissue massages along your back, around your neck, and in the shape of your spine. Specially designed massage rollers protrude deep into your neck and back ensuring your whole body can feel the healing potentials of massage. 

Lower Back Massage - Intense Lower Back Rollers ( S-Track)
Lower back pain is one of the most common problems someone goes in to see a chiropractor for. After over 30 designs, Medical Breakthrough has developed one of the most powerful lower back rollers on the market. Working out the most stubborn stiff muscles and kinks. Use it for an hour every day and you'll feel like you have a whole new back, better yet a whole new body. 

Engulfed Arm Massage System™
Fully covers every inch of your arm, hands, fingers and finger tips while massaging underneath, top to bottom and sides all at the same time. 

Quiet Motors
Engineered to be extremely quite. Medical Breakthrough has spent a lot of time sound proofing the motors so you can barely hear it while you get a massage.


Adjustable Leg Extensions
Designed to fit people of all heights, can adjust to fit you whether you are 4 feet or 6 foot 5 inches, or anywhere in between. The adjustable leg extensions make it easy to shorten or extend to a position to fit your height and legs for your comfort. 

So you can easily move the massage chair anywhere you'd like.


Full Body Stretch
Stretching your body daily can improve your energy. balance. relieve pain and prevent further injury. Due to the health benefits of stretching Medical Breakthrough has this built in feature in all of its massage chairs. The full body stretch function holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled downward and your back is stretched. 

Warranty Information

3 year warranty included


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