guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

Daiwa Majesty massage chair with leg extensions, designed for whole-body wellness featuring advanced therapeutic functions including zero-gravity and 3D body scanning.
Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair: A brown leather massage chair offering full-body wellness with advanced features like 3D body scan, zero-gravity, and airbag massage.
A woman relaxing in a Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair, designed for full-body wellness with advanced therapeutic features and zero-gravity experience.
A woman sits in a Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair, experiencing a full-body, therapeutic massage in a spacious, modern room.
Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair offering full-body wellness with advanced engineering, therapeutic features, and space-saving design for ultimate relaxation and health benefits.
A person enjoying a Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair, equipped with headphones, showcasing advanced features for full-body wellness.
Remote control in pocket of Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair, highlighting ease of access for managing advanced massage and therapeutic features.
A woman relaxes in a Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair, eyes closed, experiencing whole-body massage and wellness therapies.
A woman relaxes in a Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair, eyes closed, receiving a full-body massage in a serene setting.
Alt text: Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair remote control with multiple buttons for advanced massage settings.
A hand holding the advanced remote control for the Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair, showcasing its ergonomic design and multifunctional capabilities.
A woman using the Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair with a device attached to her back, showcasing advanced therapeutic features.
Close-up of the Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair showcasing its advanced ergonomic design and foot massage features.

Daiwa Majesty Massage Chair

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Good health is the ultimate luxury. The Daiwa Majesty massage chair gives you the royal treatment, offering whole-body wellness based on advanced engineering. The Majesty uses therapeutic features to deliver thorough full-body massage, heat, and zero-gravity therapies.


Space-Saving Wall Hugger Design
The chair’s gliding mechanism shifts its seat forward during the reclining process. This feature allows the entire chair to be placed just 3” from any wall, while other recliners require up to 20” of space. This space-saving design combines comfort with practicality.

L-shaped Massage Track
The Daiwa Majesty features an extra-long, L-Shaped Massage Track that runs from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the hamstrings. Unlike most other luxury massage chairs, whose shorter massage track is limited to the bottom of the backrest, the Majesty offers a supreme full-body massage experience.

3D Body Scan
The 3D Body Scanning System maps your entire back, adjusting the rollers for massage accuracy and efficiency. This system ensures a massage that is contoured to the unique curvature of your spine.

42 Total Body Airbag Massage
The Majesty uses advanced technology and therapeutic features to deliver unsurpassed full-body massage therapy. The Majesty features a roomy interior to fit many body types.

Built into the chair are 42 Airbags that rhythmically inflate and deflate during your massage session. These airbags gently stretch muscles to melt tension, improve circulation, and ease body fatigue. Airbags are located on the shoulders, around the arms, around the hips and even under the thighs and calves in order to apply a full-body stretch.

Undulating Airbag Massage
Airbags surrounding the feet inflate and deflate to mimic the alternating compression technique of a live massage.Majesty

Other Features

Leg Extension
Deep Tissue Massage
Surround Sound Speaker with USB Charging Port
Zero Gravity Experience
Bonus Chair & Foot Pads
Adjustable Shoulder Pads
Double Reflexology Rollers

Advanced Remote


  • 7 Manual Modes Kneading up, Kneading down, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, Sync, Rhythm
  • Zero Gravity Yes
  • Heat Yes
  • Auto Body Scanning System Yes
  • Auto Recline Yes
  • Footrest Length Adjustment 5.5 in
  • Speed Control Yes
  • Number of Speeds 6
  • Number of Width Options 3
  • Target Areas Whole, Partial, Point
  • Electronic Height Adjustment No
  • Removable Pillow Yes
  • Total Number of Airbags 42
  • Leg Massage Calf, Foot, Ankle, Reflexology
  • Foot Massage Airbags & Double Reflexology Rollers
  • Automatic Shutoff Yes
  • Minimum Distance from Wall 3 inches
  • Weight 233 lbs
  • User Weight Limit 265 lbs
  • User Height Range 4’8″ – 6’6″
  • Power Supply 240W
  • Standby Power 1.5W
  • Rated Voltage 110V
  • Voltage of Key Components 24V
  • Upright Dimensions 59 x 30 x 45 in
  • Reclined Dimensions 70 x 30 x 31.5 in
  • Available Colors Black, Choco, Cream
  • Upholstery PU (synthetic leather)
  • Auto Timer 10min, 20min, 30min
  • Massage Track 49in L-shape Track
  • Vertical Movement Speed 1.5 in/second
  • Tapping Width 1.2/5.1/7.9 in
  • Reclining Angle 126˚-158˚
  • Cord Length 79 in
  • 18 Automatic Programs Recovery, Extend, Relax, Refresh, Upper Body, Lower Body (6 programs * 3 time settings)

Warranty Information

2 years parts and 1 year in home service


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