guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

guaranteed Lowest pricing | free shipping on all orders | No sales tax outside of Ohio

Medical Breakthrough 5v2 Massage Chair; black, reclining with advanced features for posture correction, pain relief, and full-body massage, including zero gravity and reflexology systems.
Black Medical Breakthrough 5 v2 Massage Chair with full-body stretch, human hand massage system, and reflexology foot massage system.
Medical Breakthrough 5 v2 Massage Chair, featuring full-body stretch, reflexology foot massage, and zero gravity sleep system for enhanced posture and pain relief.
Alt text: Medical Breakthrough 5 v2 Massage Chair with advanced body massage systems and zero gravity sleep technology.

Medical Breakthrough 5 v2 Massage Chair

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Medical Breakthrough 5™ - 5v2 Massage Chair is engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body, and help you fall asleep. With all of these systems in Medical Breakthrough, the more you use the massage chair the more your body will thank you. This truly is a Medical Breakthrough. 


  • The Hip Twist system will rejuvenate you as your hips stretch from one side of your body to the other.
  • Daily stretching can improve energy and balance, relieve pain, and prevent future injury. Full Body Stretch function holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched.
  • With Human Hand Massage System, you will feel like there is a real human masseuse/chiropractor in your own home who is personally massaging you and giving you a full-body stretch. We have developed 6 different types of human hand massages: Kneading, Flapping, Kneading & Flapping Combined, Shiatsu, Knocking, and Rolling (Back Stretch).
  • Engulfed Arm Massage System fully covers every inch of your arms, hands, fingers, and fingertips. It will be massaged from top to bottom, underneath and sideways, and all at the same time. Even a real masseuse cannot do all these things at once. 
  • Reflexology Foot Massage System is equipped with power-lifts that can lift your feet off the ground so you can feel a true sensation of being in space. You will feel like your foot flew off the ground and got a reflexology massage in the air.
  • Medical Breakthrough's Zero Gravity Sleep System is the first zero gravity massage chair engineered to help you literally fall asleep. It is so relaxing that you will be massaged into your sleep. Once you press the zero-gravity button, the massage chair will position itself in the most optimal sleeping position possible.
  • Engineered the chair to be extremely quiet.
  • Head to Toe Back Massage System
  • Humongous Shoulder Massagers
  • The Smart Full Body Medical Scan - Full Body Scan Technology is very intelligent and knows where every part of your body is. Adjust vertically so you can easily adjust everything yourself manually as well. You can adjust the vertical position of the rollers to any point on your back. You can move it upwards, downward, and from your neck all the way to your lower back.
  • The Intense Lower Back Rollers alleviate the pain.
  • With Adjustable leg extension, you will be able easily to extend or shorten the leg to a position that makes you most comfortable.
  • Intense Heat Therapy will keep you warm even on a cold day.
  • Effective True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System


  • Heat Massage - Intense Heat Therapy™
  • Foot Reflexology Massage System™
  • Custom Forming Sole Rollers™
  • Hand Reflexology Massage Sytem™
  • Full Body Reflexology Massage System
  • Full Body Stretch (Stretch is only for the back called rolling. Rollers move up and down to stretch your body)
  • L-Track: Long Track - Longer Massages


  • Recline Dimensions Feet Down: 30 wide x 30 high x 74 deep (inches)
  • Upright Dimensions: 30 wide x 48 high x 60 deep (inches)
  • Operating Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • Weight: 305 lbs


    • 3-year warranty

    Warranty Information

    3 year warranty included


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